Change default GL Account in SAP Asset Accounting for specific processes

For some specific processes the default asset account determination leads does not satisfy business department. The amounts should be posted to another accounts. One of the solution, is to post balances manually, the other is to create new line item schema.

1. Find out, which line item schema is used during posting.
Set break point on function ‘TA1MZ_READ’.

2. Copy this schema to new ‘Z’
Start transaction ABUZSM or SM34 and maintain cluster view VC_TA1MZ01.
Copy the schema SAP_300_001 to some Z*.

3. Change the accounts
Start transaction SM34 for maintenance view VC_T093H01.

There are two possibilities:
a. Use fields of table T095 / T095B
b. assign accounts assigned to general modification: Transaction OBYD

4.Assign modification
SM34: VC_T093H01
Assign modification to country and set up filter for depreciation area and transaction type

Now the posting will use accounts, defined in line item schema, not in asset account determination (TA: AO90).
Old “wrong” document:

New document:

Clearing account was changed only in depreciation area 01 and for defined transaction types.

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