Enable icons for the SAP systems in the windows taskbar

Sometimes its nice to distinguish systems and clients in windows taskbar, something like this:

1. Create 16×16 icons (for example with GIMP).
2. Activate GuiXT in SAP

3. In profile of GuiXT define storage of Script

4. Select component GuiXT

5. Make window to be hidden

6. In Further settings select No language key

7. Click OK
Further on, the GuiXT profile may be started with command: guixt.exe visible

8. Edit the script file, created in script storage directory (something like saplsmtr_navigation.0100.txt)
Use following coding, for example for systems with clients

if V[_database=E20] and V[_client=005]
  Icon "e20005.ico"

or with single client:

if V[_database=A23]
  Icon "A23.ico"

Log in to the system…
Should work now!

Delete asset depreciation area in SAP

Sometimes import of customizing transports with deletion of obsolete asset depreciation area do not work properly and some customizing stays, which causes inconsistency in customizing, dumps etc.
In order to remove leftovers, use function module AA_AFABER_DELETE.
Enter the chart of depreciation and depreciation area to be deleted.