Add field to SAP FI Substitution / Validation

To activate field in SAP FI Substitution, execute Tr. SM30 for maintenance view V_GB01C.

Additionally, field should not be excluded in view: VWTYGB01:

The table GB01 should not be edited directly, there are routines, which are activated after change in view.
Check the SAP OSS Note 842318.

Display globals and routines in SAP LSMW

If necessary to add some ABAP coding to LSMW, including routines and global parameters, go into part  “Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines”:

Click menu Extras -> Hide and Display Fieds/Code:

Then select what is necessary:

SAP Substitution / Validation – read internal tables

Sometimes it is necessary to get data from tables, which are not accessible in substitution or validation, for example table BSEC.
It is necessary to read data from program SAPMF05A, where XBSEC table is filled.

Need to get this information: XBSEC-BANKS:

The one of solution may be following: assign the table BSEC from SAPMF05A to internal table.

DATA: lf_xbsec(40)  type c,
      lt_xbsec type table of bsec,
      lw_xbsec type bsec.
  CLEAR pv_banks.
  field-symbols: <ls_xbsec> type any table.
  lf_xbsec = '(SAPMF05A)XBSEC[]'.
  assign (lf_xbsec) to <ls_xbsec>.
  lt_xbsec[] = <ls_xbsec>.
  loop at lt_xbsec into lw_xbsec where buzei = BSEG-BUZEI.
     pv_banks = lw_xbsec-banks.

Then the field BANKS is filled.

Switch SAP application server

Sometimes it is necessary to switch to another application server (performance, test etc).
1. Check your current application server:

2. Execute transaction SM51 and double click on another server:

3. Now open new session:

New server selected! Now I may overload my appserver!

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IDoc Processing

Programs for processing of IDocs:

RBDAPP01 – Inbound master data Idoc
RBDMIDOC – Generate Idocs from change pointers
RSEOUT00 – Process outbound Idocs
RFALEX00 – Distribution of Exchange rates
RGLEXE00 – Special GL Rollup (GLT3)
RGLEXE02 – FI Rollup (GLT0)
RBDMANI2 – Manual Processing of IDocs: Post IDocs Not Yet Posted (master data)
RKEC1ROL – Profit center document rollup
RBDAGAIN – Process Outbound IDocs with Errors Again
RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS – Change status of Idoc

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