Syncing Google with Outlook

I had a problem with getting the data from Google to Outlook, and had to stop using outlook.
Recently I have found one great program, which syncs Google Calendar and Contacts with Outlook.
GO Contact Sync Mod. Works perfectly, and the version 3.9.0 includes support of API3 from Google.
Now I am back to Outlook!

Edit table with SE16N

First option to activate is &sap_edit in command field.
If &sap_edit is blocked in the system, start selection with debug modus.
Activate following parameters:
gd-edit = X
if still not working, then try all following:
gd-sapedit = X
gd-tabedit = X
If you cannot save the table due to foreign key checks, try to activate:
gd-checkkey = X.

Switch GL Account to Line item and open Item management

How to switch GL Account to LI / OI Management in classic GL:

  1. Set balance of account to zero (only if account was not on Line Item level)
  2. Block account for postings
  3. Set the line item display in GL account (FS00)
  4. Start RFSEPA01 (document 0 – 99999999) – switch postings to line item management (if account was not on LI level)
  5. Start RFSEPA02 – switch on the open item management
  6. Unblock account for posting
  7. Repost items back to GL account (in case of point 1)

For RFSEPA01 and RFSEPA02 check OSS Notes and create programs as Z*.


Other *SEPA* programs:
RFSEPA03 Switch Off Open Item Management by Changing Master Record
– Start RFINDEX in XXPM mode for correction afterwards (Docs vs Indx, GL acct, Repair index)

RFSEPA04 Reduced Line Item Display after Master Data Change

For New GL systems following transactions must be used:
FAGL_ACTIVATE_IT  – Activate Line Item Display
FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP – Activation of Open Item Management